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More Than Anything in the World
You Want Your Kids to Do Well, Don’t You?

You Want Them to Live a Good Life, Right?

Here are Three Hypnotic Secrets
to Give Your Kids the Edge in Academia

Secret Number One

Here’s the first secret to giving your kids the edge as far as academic achievement goes.  Are you ready for this?  Hypnosis is an easy and enjoyable experience for your child/student.  Most kids ten and over are good hypnotic subjects and they think hypnosis is a lot of fun.  First your student will experience the deep relaxation of hypnosis.  As your student drifts on the words of hypnotherapist, David Wilson, your child will hear positive thoughts, ideas and suggestions that will help them improve their study habits.  Your students focus and concentration will be greatly enhanced.  During study, they will fail to be distracted and will be much more effective at retaining the information at a much deeper level.  When they are studying, their concentration will be so focused that it will be as though they don’t hear the TV or notice the dog or get distracted by any of the usual sounds and irritations.  In a nutshell, secret number one  is improve study habits, intensive focus and concentration and minimizing irritants and distractions.

Secret Number Two

Secret Number Two is built upon the achievements in session one.  During hypnotherapy session two, David Wilson will once again use his words to guide your student into the state of deep hypnosis. During this hypnotic session, there are suggestions to improve memory, including increasing memory of detail and suggestions to produce instant recall,  training your student’s mind to memorize the facts or details of whatever subject is studied in a rapid and intensive manner.  The remainder of the session is devoted to creating a mental trigger that will give your student the ability to have instant recall of the studied information.  Simply by hearing or reading a question, the answer will simply pop into their mind.  To summarize, secret number two enhances memory, creates a focus on accurate detail to be memorized and then creates the mental response for instant recall.

Secret Number Three

Session Three starts with David guiding your student into deep relaxation.  Once in hypnosis, David utilizes more of  Dr. Milton Erickson’s techniques to build your student’s self confidence.  They must believe that they can and will succeed.  Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”  Self confidence is extremely important to being successful at anything.  They must believe in themselves to succeed.


There is More to Secret Number Three

Unfortunately, many excellent students have been defeated during their final examinations.  Whether it was nervousness, or low self esteem or fear of failure or just drawing a blank when reading a question, any one of those could be the reason.  In session three, we address all and any of those challenges and difficulties.  This is a test phobia correction session.  Imagine how much better it will be for your child if they can walk into the testing area, sit down at their desk and feel calm, relaxed and confident.  Feeling self assured without any thought of failure, completely focused and ready for the test, filled with strength and confidence.  As they work their way through the questions, the answers flow and your student feels the mental strength of their improved study habits. Focus, study and preparation create an inner confidence that makes all the difference for the success of your student.

These are Lasting Skills

In as little as three or four hypnotherapy sessions we will create for you a blueprint for your personal achievement.  A mental map for your subconscious mind to follow as it guides you to the fulfillment of your dreams and desires.  You can start living the life you want to live, right now, today.

Why Wait for Success?

Hypnosis will give your student an added advantage of learning to achieve intensive, focused concentration for study now, for college and beyond.  These are skills that will always be put to use no matter what they do or where they do it.  Focus, study, learning, memory recall and self confidence are abilities we all can benefit from.

What’s Your Success Rate?

Most students I’ve worked with in the last few years were in middle school or high school and a few in college.  I’ve also worked with a number of people taking their state nursing examinations.  When I saw each of them, I gave them a recording of each of their personalized hypnotherapy sessions.  The students who listened to their sessions three or four times a week experienced having all their grades go up by one or two levels.  Ds became Bs and Cs,. Cs became Bs and As.  Parents were happy and the students loved the fact that they all got better grades without extra study.  Just think what might have happened if they had studied just a little bit more than usual.

What Would You have Accomplished

if You Had these Skills?

Give your child the advantage today.  Help them move up in the world.  Get them going in the right direction and call David Wilson right away to get things started.  He’ll put you at ease, he’ll answer your questions and he’ll set an appointment that’s convenient for you.  Pick up the key and unlock the door that will enhance the endless possibilities for your child.

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