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New Breakthrough

for Panic and Anxiety Relief

Anxiety Holding You Back?


Let’s be honest now. Are you tired of missing out on all the fun in life because anxiety is holding you back?  Do panic attacks stop you from accomplishing your goals in life?  Do you alienate yourself because of those anxious feelings that seem to take on a life of their own?  Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your circumstances yet unable to act?

Get Rid of Fear and Panic Now

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, I have good news for you.  How would you like to live your life feeling calm, relaxed and self assured?  Would you like to be able to come from a position of strength and confidence?  Well, now you can.  In as few as two or three hypnotherapy sessions, you can tell your anxiety and panic attacks goodbye for good.  Those negative feelings that have held you back for so long can be completely removed from your mind.

How Does It Work?

Working together we will rid you of the panic, the anxiety, the fear and the negativity that currently affect your life so deeply.  Simply put fear, anxiety and panic are emotions or feelings just like happiness, calm, and safety are feelings.  Those emotions or feelings are perceptions that you adopted sometime ago possibly when you were very young and overheard a conversation or during a period of extreme stress or possibly a result of a traumatic experience.  Those thoughts, feelings or emotions are stored in your subconscious mind.  With the aid of hypnosis, the hypnotherapist (David Wilson) is able to access the subconscious and readjust, change or delete those false and erroneous beliefs that cause you to feel negative emotions.  During our time together, you will help me (the hypnotherapist) to decide what thoughts and positive ideas you would choose to replace those negative feelings and emotions with.  Would you like strength and confidence, or creativity and imagination?  Or focus and concentration?  We will create a session addressing your feelings and your need for relief.  Together we will rid you of the panic, the anxiety and the negativity that plague you.

What Happens Next?

We will replace those troubling emotions with positive thoughts and ideas that will have you feeling strong, confident and ready to live the life that you had imagined.  According to Dr. Robert Anthony in his book “Beyond Positive Thinking,”  he says, “New thoughts programmed into the subconscious mind using hypnosis, imagery, and repetition become dominant thoughts.”  Dominant thoughts and beliefs control our behavior.  Each of us has proven this many times.  Once our subconscious accepts what we are imaging, everything we experience after that will relate to the newly formed belief or image.  We can leave the thoughts and feelings of the past in the past and move into a new life reflecting our positive thoughts, feelings and images.

Imagine Life Without Anxiety

Finally you’ll be able to enjoy going places, socializing with friends, meeting new people and doing all the activities you enjoy.  You’ll be free to accomplish your goals and excel at life.  Finally it’s your turn to live your life the way you choose to live it, without fear, without anxiety and without panic.  Living your life, feeling calm, positive and confident for good.

What If I Start to Feel Anxious Again?

The actual hypnosis portion of your personalized session will be recorded for you.  Most clients have the recording done on  their smart phones so they always have it with them.  Your session recording will be a tool that you can utilize to keep your mind and outlook in a positive, productive place.  Often, just knowing that you have the recording is enough to keep any negative thoughts at bay.

Ready to Start Your Life Over?

Ready to Get Back to Feeling Good?

I am told by many of my clients how much they enjoy experiencing their own personalized hypnotherapy session.  Each session lasts 60-90 minutes. during the discussion portion of the session, we will create a positive future image for you, write hypnotic suggestions for your personal situation and then I will guide you with my words into a deep state of relaxation.  As you relax deeper into hypnosis, I will then present to you the various positive suggestions we have written together that will allow you to release those unwanted negative perceptions.  Then we will replace those difficult thoughts with the positive creative ideas that will bring you happiness, confidence, strength and peace.  And remember, it’s all recorded for you to utilize any time you want to jumpstart your mental engine.

Why Wait to Feel Free?

Why wait any longer?  Make the call right now.  Get rid of panic.  Get rid of debilitating fear and get rid of anxiety.  Make the call today so you can feel the strength flow through your body.  Feel the confidence behind your words.  Take back the control of your life.  Move past your fear and make the call to David Wilson right now.


It’s not too late.  I can help you to have the life you dream of.  Take back your control and live your life with strength and confidence.  I’m ready to help you right now.   Call me so I can help you take back control of your life.

David Wilson

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