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Have you been searching for a speaker for your upcoming event? Would you like the presentation to be informative, with useful, usable ideas and yet entertaining all at the same time? What if it was a current cutting edge conversation revealing little known secrets involving your personal health? Experience for yourself the amazing results of a peaceful, relaxing guided meditation to create better health and healing. Many audience members often notice a reduction in their chronic pain, better sleep later on that evening and a much more stress free, relaxed frame of mind. During the presentation, you’ll be astounded to experience within yourself proof of your own mind body connection. Learn to utilize the incredible power of your mind to create a more relaxed, stress free body and life.

Who Do You Turn To?

Who would have the knowledge, the experience, the ability and the entertaining capability to combine anecdotes, laughter and a knowledge of the powers of the mind that would captivate any audience? In two words,

David Wilson
650 743-8479

Why David Wilson?

  • David has the talent. He was a professional entertainer for more than 30 years and appeared on television over 50 times.
  • David has the knowledge. He is currently a member of the faculty at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy and specializes in teaching the hypnotic techniques of Dr. Milton H. Erickson.
  • David has the experience. He is the staff medical hypnotherapist for the One Wellness Group in Palo Alto, California and he has had a medical hypnotherapy practice for more than a decade.
  • David has the ability. He has led hundreds of meditations for stress reduction, deep relaxation, for health and healing at conventions, health care facilities, high school and college psychology classes.
  • David is fun and entertaining. He has led many groups to experience personally the power of their own mind and the mind body connection in a very fun and entertaining style that will have your group laughing, learning and benefiting immediately.

My Group Tends to be Unique

David’s presentations can be tailored to fit your requirements exactly. He often speaks in a 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute format. David will have your group laughing, learning and improving their health before he walks away from the microphone. He’ll tell you some funny stories, you’ll experience your mind body connection and you’ll learn some guided imagery and meditation techniques that you’ll use on the spot. You will discover you have talents and abilities you have been completely unaware of. David will show you how to access those abilities and to put them to use in your life. This will be a presentation like nothing you have ever experienced before.

How Should I Proceed?

Once you have a date and time in mind for your presentation and you know the length of time you would prefer, give David a call:

David Wilson


Please give me a call just as soon as you have your date and time decided, between teaching, seeing clients and speaking at numerous events, my calendar rapidly fills. I would love to be part of your upcoming event, so please give me a call just as soon as you can.

David Wilson