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Excessive Weight Ruining Your Health?

If you’re like most Americans, you need to lose some weight. You probably enjoy food. You might be one of the many that celebrate with food on birthdays and holidays and you may find that you actually eat considerably more food than your body requires. These are well established food consumption habits that are difficult, if not impossible, to change using only your will power. You may be able to force yourself to lose 15 or 20 pounds but as soon as a celebration comes along and you relax your will power, those pounds and more come roaring back. Sound familiar? It’s been my experience too. Until I found that hypnosis was a very easy way to readjust the amounts I eat, what I choose to eat and when I choose to eat and it made all the difference in the world.

How Do I Get Started?

How many times have you said, “I’ve got to lose some weight, it’s ruining my health.” I invite you to become a part of a four to six hypnosis session program that will help you to adjust the foods you are drawn to, the amounts of foods you eat and your ability to control snacking between meals. I know you will love this program because you still get to eat many of the foods you know you shouldn’t, like sweets, for instance. Maybe you’re someone that enjoys having a piece of cake. With this program, you will find yourself eating less and less of those foods and yet feeling very satisfied by a much smaller amount. This form of gradual readjustment and change works on a very subtle level and over time brings about permanent change. This is not a diet, this is a program that promotes a steady and gradual move in a direction of healthy eating.

How Fast Does It Work?

Just as soon as we do the first hypnotherapy session, you’ll begin to see a change in your food intake. With each passing session, you’ll notice healthy foods being more attractive to you. You’ll become aware that you are no longer cleaning your plate when you already feel full and satisfied. You’ll notice that you are eating slower and truly savoring the full flavors of your food. You’ll be making changes and adjustments that will make it easy for you to release all of that unwanted, unhealthy weight.

What Else Can I Expect?

My Be Your Perfect Weight program is very easy, fun and relaxing. Each session includes deep relaxation, stress reduction, positive thoughts and ideas to guide you to successfully releasing your unwanted weight. Best of all, every session is recorded for your personal use whenever you choose to utilize it. Along with suggestions for better health, you’ll be happy to know the sessions will also address self esteem (so you think you’re worth it), self confidence (so you’ll believe you an be successful), stress reduction (so you’ll feel more productive) and hypnotic suggestions to help you find physical activities that you enjoy.

How Long Will It Take?

Most of my clients have been successful in four to six sessions. How long it takes you to lose the weight depends much upon how much you need to lose. More weight, more time. You might want to have a session once a week or if you have an extremely busy schedule, it’s possible to have a session every other week. Much of your success will be determined by your ability to listen to the recordings of your sessions on a regular basis at home. The Be Your Perfect Weight weight release and weight control program is designed to guide you through gradual, long term permanent change in a very gentle, peaceful and deeply relaxing way. Call David Wilson today and open the door to the new, happy, healthy life that you deserve to live.

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